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Health & Wealth Series: Building Your Personal Resilience

Valentine's Day

Sangita Patel is a certified practitioner in the holistic healing techniques of Building Personal Resilience,

Qigong, Reiki, Chakra healing and Integrated Energy Healing, as well as a certified coach of the Emotion Code.

She empowers her clients to meditate, reflect, and self-heal.

She believes that everyone has the innate power to help heal their mind, body, and spirit by using different healing techniques and modalities that best suit themselves and their lifestyles.

After experiencing her own health challenges of being in a car accident that led to 17 surgeries, having a brain aneurysm, a heart attack, a stroke, and vision loss in one eye, she is using her self-care, self-love, and self-healing techniques to heal her mind, body, and spirit. She guides and supports her clients to do the same.